The Founder


Baba Virsa Singh Ji Maharaj, revered founder of Gobind Sadan taught that education and development of inner strength are the best ways to help people rise above poverty. He was a great spiritual teacher who encouraged appreciation of the prophets and scriptures of all religions.

Baba Virsa Singh left for his heavenly abode in 2007, but his programme continues. Baba Virsa Singh Ji Maharaj Primary School was created by devotees in his memory, to help carry on his nonsectarian charitable mission.

School Structure

Baba Virsa Singh Ji Maharaj Primary School is being run by the Guru Gobind Singh Educational Education, a registered charitable organization with income tax exemption, under the aegis of Baba Virsa Singh ji Maharaj Memorial Trust.

There are eight qualified teachers for grades pre-nursery through fifth. Students are taught according to CBSE English curriculum. The study body in 2023 numbered 168 students from Gobind Sadan and surrounding areas. All students are provided with books, uniforms and jerseys.

Classes are being held in three locations on the Gobind Sadan campus: three large rooms for pre-nursery, nursery, and first class, an office with separate facilities for second class, and spaces in the auditorium for third through fifth classes. The beautiful auditorium is also used for school gatherings.

Computer Lab

Computer literacy is taught to students in grades 1 to 5. There is a well equipped computer lab with 8 computers.

Special Activities

In additional to regular curricular studies, a special activity is organized each month, such as Independence Day, Earth Day and Raksha Bandhan. Arts and Crafts, skits, AudioVideo presentations and talks enhance students’ awareness of the meaning of these special occasions.

Parents and Teachers Meetings

PTMs are organized from time to time. Parents are apprised of their academic performance, social and emotional skills of the children. We need parents help in moulding each child’s wonderful personality.

Interfaith Base

Students of all caste and creed are welcome in the school, and each morning begins with the prayers from various religions.

Physical Health

Special attention is given to the holistic health of the students with encoragement of healthy eating, hygiene and exercise. Students enjoy a well-equipped playground and games during their daily break and simple calisthenics are included in the morning assembly.

Green Campus

Gobind Sadan is so rich in flora and fauna that the area has been named Gobind Sadan Biodiversity Park. Over 80 species of birds and 70 species of tress have been identified there. Students are sometimes taken on nature walks in which they learn to identify and appreciate the trees, birds and organic gardenrs of the large and peaceful Gobind Sadan campus.


Guru Gobind Singh Educational Association is not run for profit. Expenses are met through donations and no fees are charged. There is usually a waiting list for admission but class sizes are intentionally kept small so that teachesr can give proper attention to each students.

Onward Study

The Headmistress personally helps each student graduating from 5th class to get admitted into 6th class in government or private schools.